Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Kisapp, Privacy concerns or Troubleshootings, find answers to your questions.


It can’t be simpler! Register your telephone number and enter the confirmation code received on your device. That’s it, you’re on Kisapp! :-)
Devices using iOS 9 with or without Touch ID are supported by Kisapp. We are also working on Apple Watch and Android version.
When you first create your account you have the possibility to quickly send messages to invite your friends. This function is available at anytime in the settings, but you can also spread the word around you, with our thanks.
Not now, but we are working on it. Stay tuned ;-)
Simply when you start writing a message and add your recipients. After adding 2 recipients, you’ll see a banner discretely appearing at the top and allowing you to create a group. Click on it, that’s it.
Very simply again . Select all of your recipients and send your message. Your contacts will not be able see the other recipients of your message, and if they reply to your message, you will be the only one receiving it.
Kisapp checks instantly if new friends are available everytime you launch the app. Kisapp compares and matches the hashed versions of numbers in your address book with those of your friends who have an account on Kisapp. We do not run this in the background to save your device’s battery life, and we never save your iOS address book on our servers for security reasons.
In « Contacts » tab, click on the « + » icon at the top and enter the name and telephone number of your contact. This will be strongly encrypted and securely saved into your account without being added to your device’s address book.
Simply swipe from right to left next to an unwanted contact and tap "Block". Check at anytime the list of your blocked contacts in the settings, where you also have the possibility to unblock them.
When you block a contact, this contact will never be able to communicate with you again, and you both won’t appear in your respective contact lists. When you hide a contact, it just disappears from your contact list, but you’ll still be able to contact each other. None of these actions are irrevocable, and you can still change your mind in your settings.
Magicians never reveal their tricks, but we’ll make an exception. A proprietary self-destruction algorithm is embedded into your app. Depending on the content of the message you receive, this algorithm configures an optimal timer before destruction, leaving you an optimal time to read the message and assimilate its information. For your convenience, you can choose to switch between three self-destruction speeds at any time in the settings, simply and instantly.
Yes, to ensure the utmost security, the messages showing automatically self-destruct if you leave the conversation, or exit the app.
This handy function allows you to exit a conversation and the app without deleting the message you were reading. If you shake your device while reading a message, the app closes instantly getting you back to your home screen. The message you were reading will be available again, once, when you return to the conversation. Please keep in mind this only works once per message.
These icons are there to show you the type of pending messages, so you know in advance what you'll see.
A pending message will self-destruct if not read after a period of 3 days. For you to know who tried to contact you, the emptied conversation remains visible in your Messages tab. Group conversations too stay in your Messages, unless you delete them.
In the settings, you can choose to activate this automatically, or manually. Select the " Night Theme " option or use 3D Touch if available.
Yes, in two ways. Either you delete your conversations by swiping your finger from right to left, or click the trash icon. But you can also delete messages in your discussions thread by swiping your finger from right to left on the relevant post.


We don’t know who you are, who you talk to, or what you say. We do not store any deleted message. The few information transiting between devices is encrypted multiple times and we have no way to decipher them since your private key is confined in the most protected space of your iOS devices and never leaves it.
Nope. We can’t and don’t want to. Your messages are your business. With our end to end encryption, only your intented recipients are able to read the messages you send them.
Totally, since we basically know nothing about you. We do not know who you are, who you communicate with, what you say or where you are. We do not know your home address, we do not know where you work, we do not know what you like or what you search online. We do not analyze the multimedia content you share, we do not look at your photos. Again, we do not know and we do not want to know.
Nope, Kisapp doesn’t know anything about the identity of all users, your entire address book is strongly encrypted, we do not save it and have no way to decipher it.
Kisapp has been designed to ensure the utmost confidentiality and security while being ultra fast and reliable. To achieve this, we combined a bunch of the strongest encryption keys such as AES256, SHA384, RSA2048…
To summarize the process here’s what happens when you are sending a message to a friend:

1. You start generating a single use AES 256 symmetric key.

2. You then create a signature of the message you are sending with your private key.

3. You encrypt this message with an AES 256 key.

4. You encrypt this AES 256 key with your friend’s RSA 2048 public key.

5. The information is securely sent to our servers.

6. Your friend securely retrieves the information from our servers.
7. Your friend decrypts the AES 256 key with its RSA 2048 private key.

8. Your friend decrypts your message with the the AES 256 key.

9. Your friend checks the signature of your message using both the decrypted message and your public key.

10. Your friend can read your message which will self-destruct in seconds.

11. Once the message is gone, our system ensures that it is securely and instantly deleted everywhere, along with any associated data, all in a way that makes it impossible to forensically recover them.
Like no other messaging service, we take this very seriously. If you attempt to take more than three screenshots, your account will be blocked permanently. The name of a user who already took two screenshots will be indicated by an orange patch
Should any screenshot be made by one of your contacts, you would be notified immediately with a copy of the screenshot, and the account of the contact would be blocked indefinitely after three attempts.
Because Kisapp is the fulfillment of our vision and our commitment to developing the ultimate smart and secure instant messaging app. Because we are transparent and passionate about what we do. Because nothing is more important to us than your right for privacy and the security of your data, and we have established internal and external policies that reflect this vision. Because this is at the heart of our approach and guides every decision, technical and political, we make as a company. And also because we will grow in this way to give you the best without compromises, always. We also warmly welcome requests for security experts who want to audit our system and welcome your feedback at security (at) kisapp (dot) co
Almost, but keep in mind that we cannot protect you from anyone accessing your device, physically or through root access.
Using a rooted or jailbroken device makes it easier for a potential hacker to gain full administrative control over your device. Anyone with root access can easily bypass security features built into the operating system, read process memory or access restricted areas, such as the internal storage. Once a hacker has root access, any of our efforts to mitigate threats become futile.
You do not have to do anything, Kisapp handles everything. By default, the deletion speed is optimal, but you can switch to faster or slower anytime you want in the settings.
You can go to your device settings and revoke access to the phone’s address book instantly.
Of course we do, and we made it as complete and clear as possible. You can check it out here.
These are gone forever. We are using a Secure File Shredding function to ensure that they cannot be forensically recover.

Almost nothing, just the very basic to make the service running :

1. Encrypted messages in transit, until delivery and destruction.
2. Hashed versions of the numbers you exclusively added to Kisapp. Not those of your iOS address book.
3. Hashed version of your phone number.
4. Encrypted version of your profile picture.
With Kisapp, when you send a message to someone you ask our servers for a list of your recipient’s keys. When your device makes this request, it creates a hash of this request, and signs it with your own private key. A potential hacker will not be able to modify it since only your own device has the private key. In addition, our servers carry the hash of your request and check its signature to ensure it matches yours. This means your message is permanently sealed and no one can change it.
Unlike all the others « free » messaging services that you can use at the cost of your privacy, Kisapp will be retailed for a nominal fee after its free introductory period. So hurry up and download it while it’s free ! We also anticipate the creation of a Pro version for companies working on a subscription basis. That's how we intend to generate income to improve our app, hire talented people, and develop Kisapp on all possible platforms, giving you the best without compromise, always.


When you register or log in, you do not have to enter your number in its international format (+ country code ) because our system recognizes them. Now, if the network signal is good and you are still having registration or login issues regardless of how you enter your phone’s number, please contact us using this form.
When you use a new SIM, Kisapp asks if you want to update your number or keep the old one. Even if you decide to keep your old number, you would still be able to contact your friends, however, only your (new) number would be displayed to your contacts, not your name (your name being associated with your old number). You can always update this information in the settings at any time.
Of course, this option is available in your account, under security.
If you have turned Touch ID on this won’t be a problem, just go into your account and click on "Change Code". You can authenticate using Touch ID, and then set up a new code.
If you have not authorized Touch ID, you will need to login and enter your Recovery key. If correct, you will access the app and be able to choose a new code.
When you launch the app for the first time you receive a notification asking you to allow Touch ID. If not, you can turn this on at any time in the settings.
If you have forgotten or lost your recovery key but still have access to Kisapp using your code or Touch ID, then you can access your account and recovery key in the settings.
We are sorry to hear that. However, there are three possible reasons for that:

1. You took more screenshots than allowed by the user’s agreement. Your account is now permanently blocked and there is nothing we can do about it.
2. You have terminated your account.
3. You lost your Recovery Key and failed to authenticate more times than allowed.
If you have terminated your account by going to your settings, and confirmed the termination by entering your password, your account is permanently suspended and you will have to create a new one to access Kisapp again.
Please note that a period of inactivity of more than a year causes the automatic deletion of your account for security reasons.
If so, it means that you failed to authenticate beyond the authorized limit. This function is designed to ensure greater safety if someone attempts to access your account. Do not worry, it can be solved very quickly.
After 10 attempts, the app locks itself for 24 hours and sends you a notification on all the devices using the same account. A padlock with the live countdown appears on the screen along with an " Identify " option to enter your Recovery Key in. If correct, you can access the application before the end of the countdown, and have to set up a new code.
If you do not receive notifications and you want to, please check the below:

1. Go to the settings -> Notifications, and make sure they are ON. 

2. Check that notifications are also ON in your device’s settings. 

3. Check whether the contact or group is muted. 

4. If none of this works, click Reset Notifications in settings - Notifications.
If you know your friends have Kisapp, but you can't see them or they appear as numbers instead of names please try these solutions:

1. Please try to refresh the contact list by swiping downwards in the Contacts tab.

2. Check with your friends if they are using a different SIM than the one they have registered, that could explain the numbers appearing instead of names.

3. Please make sure they are either in the Kisapp address book or in your device’s address book.

4. Please check if these contacts have blocked you. This can also be a reason.

5. If none of the above apply, force quit the app (double tap home button, then swipe upwards), then relaunch and check if it helped.

6. If that doesn't help, temporarily change the name of the contact in phone contacts (add a few symbols, then change back again).

7. If that doesn’t work, delete the app and re-install it.
8. Are you sure these people are on Kisapp!?
There are two ways to delete a contact on Kisapp. In the Contacts tab, just swipe from right to left next to the unwanted contact and click « Hide ». In a conversation, click on the top bar where the name of your contact is, you will access its information and see an option to hide this contact. Please note hiding a contact would not stop them or yourself to contact each other again.
If that is what you wanted to do, we’ll suggest you block this contact instead
We are sorry to hear that and hope that no physical harm has been done to you. If you have access to another device using the same account, you will be able to remove the stolen phone in the list of active devices in the settings. This will allow you to block access to your account on this device.
Really ? Please be aware that the termination of your account is irreversible. If you register again, you will appear as a new Kisapp user. People who have your phone number in their contact list will be notified of your return on Kisapp, but you will lose all your contacts from the smart address book.